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Welcome! Thanks for looking at my website. I'm very excited venturing into my own practice to further and grow develop as a massage practitioner.  I have now been a licensed massage therapist for 7+ years. My experience with massage started as a small child and my grandmother teaching me about massage and circulation. In 2006 I decided to give a career in massage a try and took all the weekend workshops I could! I was hooked. I then enrolled in the Brian Utting School of massage in 2007 and began my official massage adventure. At Brian's school I learned almost every massage modality possible, but was very drawn to Injury treatment and hydrotherapy. Being a very accident-prone and athletic, I was shocked to finally find relief with all my chronic injuries! I flourished at the school identifying with student clinic patients and having a understanding of what their injuries felt like. I then decided I wanted to work more with athletes and joined an outreach program. In this program I got to apply my sports massage and Injury treatment skills and work on athletes.

After I finished school I started working with chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapists, and other massage therapists and continued to grow. For the past 5 years I have been taking more injury treatment classes with Brian Utting to further develop. I also decided to take a 25 hour cupping certification class to add to my skills and found cupping very effective in working with muscle spasms and scar tissue. And that brings us up to today, ready to venture on my own:)

My practice philosophy is provide relief and relaxation to my clients. I would descried my massage as a very intuitive, specific, and relieving. I constantly receive comments about my specificity. People say, "Wow, that spot is exactly where my pain is!" or "Other massage therapists just glaze over that area." I am also a big fan of pin and stretching techniques and lengthening muscles. I also believe in helping patients with posture and stretching at home.  My specialties include: Whiplash, low back strain, rotator cuff tears/strains, tendonitis, tension headaches, migraines, pregnancy, stress relief, and anxiety issues.

In my free time I love to fence! I am a competitive fencer and belong to the Salle Auriol in Seattle, WA. I also run a volunteer program in my P-patch, where we grow food for the food bank. As of Sept 2 I have grown and donated 800lbs!!! I have a dalmatian dog and Siamese cat who run the house with my husband and I in west Seattle.



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